Epic Fantasy: Books of Blood

An epic fantasy series, set in a fantasy world where the connection between nations is via a rapid transport system. I started this series to answer a simple question – how different would the world be if nations connections with each other were limited to very specific routes through archeotech that they no longer understood. Like many of my other work, the timeline is based some time after the fall from the pinnacle of technology.

Blood of Orinth (Book 1) follows Rhys as he journeys from Orinth to neighbouring Siabara to investigate the cause of a plague that is isolating his countries closest ally. When he discovers the horrifying truth of what is really going on, he is in a desperate race against time to prevent a genocide.

Blood of the Siabara (Book 2) delves deeper into the history of Kai. Fans of the first book will be able to delve into his story, from his origins as a slave in Siabara to the destruction of the Siabaran crystal.

The War for Fallon (Book 3) is an outrigger novel that introduces a host of new characters, who along with some old favourites, battle for supremacy in the war that began in Blood of Orinth.

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  1. I saw your website. I was admiring some JJcanvas’s art in Deviantart and I found your book cover and I just felt in love. You’re so lucky for having such artwork. I wonder how did you contact him.
    But I am not here for it. I saw that you are from South Africa, and WOW! I have never been to South Africa, but it is one of my favorite countries that I would like to visit. How is living in it?
    I wish I could read your book. It seems amazing. I love fantasy worlds (not only that. I love dystopian and superheroes stories). I wish you luck on publishing it (I mean, you pretend to publish it, right? I would LOVE to have your book in my hands).
    I live in Brazil and I am hoping it gets a great repercussion so it can hit my country (you may don’t know, but we love fantasy book).
    I don’t know if you will ever see this message, but I can’t let you give up on your book. Please, continue.
    (ps: If you find a book agent, I really would like to know how you find one!)

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